West Midland escorts new exciting escorts in London

West Midland London is one of those places in London which is up and coming. You can still pick up some property bargains here, and this is why so many people move here. Personally, I have been living here for 10 months now, and I love it. Before I lived here in West Midland, I used to live in central London. I had a lovely flat, and worked for a great London escort agency. Now, that was before I came up with the idea of setting up my own escorts agency. It was clear that West Midland needed some West Midland escorts of https://www.westmidlandescorts.com.

This is when I came up with the idea of starting a house of pleasure. The property prices on the West Midland would allow me to buy a house, and a small flat to live in, if I sold my flat in central London. It took a little while, but I soon put my plan into action. Once the house was purchased, I set about decorating rating it. I knew from experience that there were a lot of sexy in the West Midland part of London. As an escort I had been on several escorts for couples dates, but I thought that there is a need for something a little bit more than West Midland escorts.

My house of pleasure was being prepared for love. Each of the five bedroom had its own theme, so you could come along and enjoy yourself. It was all about serious adult fun, and aimed to promote my house of pleasure towards the swingers market. At the same time, I was going to make sure that I had plenty of hot West Midland escorts on standby, just in case somebody needed some extra help or assistance. It sounded like a good business idea.

One day in June, I opened my house of pleasure and invited the swingers community for a party. It was a hit from day one, and we were soon fully booked. This was somewhere the swinging community could come to have fun play and just be themselves. Of course, the neighbours may have been a bit surprised if they knew what was going on, but since the house stood in its own grounds, there would be no disturbances. Within a couple of months, my house of pleasure was fully booked every night of the week, and I could just relax.

Today, my house of pleasure is more popular than ever. I could open another one, but there are no suitable properties. I have however, set up my own West Midland escort agency, and we specialize in escorts for couples. It is one of the most popular services in this part of London. I am so glad that I was brave enough to leave my job, and start to do something different. I love my business and the community that I am in. Most people probably think that I am a bit crazy, but there is a lot of money to be paid from escorting and pleasure seekers. There is nothing wrong in that, and why shouldn’t I be allowed to make the most of it.


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