I never thought about love since I don’t believe in it.  

Love doesn’t exist because if it’s I still have my whole family now. I have saw my parents love to each other but ended broke. They are married but file a divorced. And from them, I learned that love only exists for a limited time but not a lifetime. I saw my mother’s agony and I were in pain too. When you can see how your father easily abandon us and get his things? When all the memories we spent together as family went down? All the dreams I wish to achieve with them is not coming true. I hope that every birthday, my father would come. I wait at the last minute to end my birthday but he wasn’t there. I graduated high school and college with my mother. I have expected my father to come and be happy with me. Everything was an imagination. I heard he has a family now and married again to his second wife. I have been through a lot since my father left me. I realized to become strong for my mother because more than I she is really affected. After graduation and a little experience on work, I have earn money to build a business. My mother is my number one supporter and always been there for me. Until I have finally finished the building and start the company. The market begins well, and I have with me the best people. Until such time our business became famous and keep rising. I am so grateful that despite of everything God gave me a blessing. I am so focus and determined with my business that I have no time in a relationship. I don’t want to be too much attached by someone. I have a deal I need to close in Paddington and hired Paddington escort from https://charlotteaction.org/paddington-escorts to accompany me. When I fly to Paddington, I directly went to the place we meet. She is pretty and bubbly. I have closed the deal and spent rest of the time with her. She shared me everything about life that I haven’t heard before. Her smiles melts my heart and I feel how sorrowful she is because of her struggles in life. She makes me realize that there are more other people who is going life more than I. I keep the communication with her and over time I know her better. I know she is the girl for me. She proves to me that love worth taking a risks and never be afraid. I promise that the next book I made will be for lifetime.


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